IVCA Boot Inn CP

Horrible conditions!! The wind on the main road section was both in your face and a crosswind. This made cycling both difficult and tricky. On the way over to the race I was flying, dreaming of a good result and not fully realising that it was the gale blowing on my back that was responsible! Half way through the first lap reality kicked in as each turn at the front just seemed to bring the inevitable closer……I was dropped. I kept going anyway and completed another lap before the next group(s) caught me. Having gotten over the difficult section on the second lap I had hopes of sitting in on this passing train. 36mph and I was swinging off the back!! Some riders clocked 40 on this section. Mick Rock had about ten riders incl. Paddy, Sean, Joe and Gerry lined out and about another ten trying to retie the elastic. He certainly looked on top form and as Deano would say ….I let him go. On the next lap I met with other riders, who would normally be in the thick of things, also stranded. Anto and a couple of riders passed on the long stretch into the wind and were fighting hard to make up some ground, but they hadn’t seen the Mick Rock express and they had no chance of seeing it tonight. I headed home dejected and later was delighted to hear the Mick had won after great work from the Swords riders in his group and also esp. from Dennis Dodds (Bray Wheelers). Indeed it was Dennis Dodds who attacked on the last lap into the wind and was brought back by Mick & Gerry Martin. Not put off by the strength in numbers he attacked again coming up to the last bend and Mick responded which resulted in both riders getting a gap of about 100 yards and once they turned the corner it was 53×11 to the finish. Mick managed to get a gap on Dennis in the long straight and had about 40 yards to spare in the end. Gerry Martin was just pipped in the bunch sprint for third place and Joe placed 9th. A well deserved victory for Mick Rock.