Paddy Neary Memorial, Dundalk

The race was 65 miles and in the early stages there was a lot of attacking, but it was obvious due to the strong headwind and taxing circuit that there was nobody strong enough to get away. Geraiod, Jason and especially Matt were in every move that attempted to go away but I was minding myself, thinking perhaps of a bunch sprint. After 4 of the 7 laps of the 9 mile (approx.) circuit, there were a few tired legs so I made a couple of big efforts to get clear and finally a group of four of us got free, soon to be joined by 7 more riders. With 2 laps I started to feel the strain but as the gap was only 40 – 50 seconds at best I kept riding through. On the last lap we started watching each other and Colm Farrell made a big move soon to be joined by Mak Kiernan, and soon after Healion, the 2 Brackens and Co came up the the break I was on a real bad day and only managed 4 in the gallop for third. I was delighted to see Colm Farrell (Mr. Nice) win again after a long time in the wilderness (Well done Colm …. been there)