IVCA Age Std Championship

This years IVCA Age Standard C/ship was run over two big laps and one small on the Summerhill circuit. The early pace setters were Albert Murtagh (Obelisk) and Brian Monaghan (Newry Wh) who broke clear of their group and had 1 min advantage over them as the race passed Trim for the first time. Last years winner, Sean Lally, was in a group 4 min back. As they passed Trim for the second time, Seans group had gained slightly, but ominously for the two leaders, it had also been swelled by Jimmy Lally & co and the chase was on in earnest. As our two leaders turned onto the short lap, the gap was down to 30 sec from a slimmed down group of chasers. As Albert disappeared over the hill I heard some expletive deleteives. I knew that something had happened and his race was over. It turned out that a skewer had broken. The race finished with an exiting sprint finish between five riders, all of whom are excellent finishers. Seamus Kennedy (Avonmore) took the sprint from Liam Keenan (Orwell), with Sean third. Jimmy Lally(DWCC) placed 4th and Brian Monaghan after being out there all day, 5th. Paddy Fitzimmons (DWCC) took the sprint for 6th place in the next group which incl Paddy Griffen (11th) and Fred Harte (13th). After the race even Anto was happy, despite finishing 3 min down with the rest of the ‘young’ lads who averaged nearly 25mph for the 48 miles.