I’ve written lots of (biased) reports for the Swords website, but its hard to write about yourself, esp when apart from a good finish I was basically hanging on for much of the race. Our group in the CP worked well and I had plenty of clubmates in it (Deano, Dave & Fred). Special mention to John Duffy who despite coming back from being sick gave everything and Paddy McInerny whose powerful riding had me in awe and seriously questioning was cycling really the sport for me. I found the going quite hard and eventually got to grips with it on the second lap when (perhaps mercifully) we were caught by faster group. Soon the enlarged group had caught the groups ahead and perhaps now a win was on the cards. I was much encouraged by clubmate Jim Ludden who was stewarding. Last time we had a CP in Clane I was fortunate(after being dropped) to witness him winning, with a superb sprint and I was slightly thankful that he was on the sidelines today! A few miles to go and saw Paddy Byrne with a puncture……..another sprinter less to worry about. There are so many twists & turns coming to the finish its hard to remember them all,… I didn’t and ended up on the front too soon. No panic, Dave Blake took up the running and I was nicely placed third in line behind Mick Tynan, but boxed in by Arthur Ebbs and a well placed Tracey Piggott. We were about 500 yards out and I was wondering would a gap open.Next Deano attacked on the right with a few riders in tow, so I shouted at Arthur to go (which was my cue to unbox myself). Deanos attack stalled slightly, and Arthur tucked in but if we got boxed again there would be no second chance so I gave it everything got a gap and despite arms & legs turning to jelly held on for the win. Some lads ride to make people suffer, some are great in a break and most seem to find the going easier than I do but the excitement and sense of heightened awareness coming to a finish is the ultimate buzz….. the rest of it is just pain & grovelling.