European Vets Championships, Majorca

I am in Majorca at moment finished 5th, 6 secs behind the winner. The Germans were playing with us as they had five riders capable of winning. When you got clear with a German they just sat up. Two of them got clear and the rest shut up shop. I was disappointing but am over it now. I did my best only thing is they have the first five on rostrum. It was a very fast race on 10km circuit a 1km hill every lap 6 laps the Germans controlled it. 10km to go 2 Germans got clear. Then a gallop for 3rd in the sprint a Spaniard grabbed my jersey. I got around him but was still a length down at finish.Result 1st Manfred Nepp (Germany) 2nd Herbert Wilde(Germany) at 6 secs, 3rd Natale Bisarello (Italy), 4th Hans Uterkuggenberger (Germany), 5th Sean Lally (Ballymagash), 6th Olat Ludwing (Germany). Five Germans in the first eleven. Any of these five could have won. 6th rider previous winner of this event. Another rider won KOM 3 times in Tour of Spain.