Fleche Wallone 2002

Hi all,

Maybe some remember, I am from Belgium near Huy. One tip I could give you to watch the Fleche Wallonne is to see the start in Charleroi (where the pics attached were taken). The start is in the morning and all areas are free, you can chat with the riders, take pictures, touch them… You see also legends as it is organised by “La societe du Tour”, so people like Thevenet, Mercx, Hinault, and many other ex-professional riders are there. After the start you have plenty of time to go home have lunch and then ride your bike in “the Meuse valley” between Andenne and Huy and if you timing is good you can see the race at least three times before going to the Mur de Huy. Last year once the race had passed climbing to the other side of the valley, we cycled towards Huy with Alex Zulle who just took the shortest way home… hehehehe. Anyhow that makes the whole day, and you really lived the race… Have a nice day.

Alain Beaufayt (ex Swords member while in Ireland).