IVCA Age Related Championship

40-49 Race The IVCA Age related C/ships unfortunately clashed with our own Swords Grand Prix but as defending champion Anto McMahon received a special ‘dispensation’ from Joe to defend his title or to at least make sure it went to a Swords rider. Last time out it was a Swords 1-2-3 but it was done the hard way!!! This time the plan was for Pat Halpin to attack early and for Anto to just follow the remaining principles until (or if..) Pat was caught. As it turned out Gerry Brannigan (Orwell) attacked nearly from the line followed by an Usher rider. This move was covered and the Usher rider sat up, but Gerry kept going & was joined by Pat Halpin (McNally Swords). Se Weston (Dublin Wheelers), possibly the main dangerman, missed this move and was stuck on the front and no one was too anxious to help him bridge the gap. This was perfect for Anto. Eventually he did make the move to get across, with the Usher rider and Anto doing policeman. Anto resolutely refused to go through, which eventually discouraged the Usher rider and forced Se to do all the work. It took nearly a lap to get across and when they did then Anto took up the running while Pat recovered. By the time they hit the Mullagh for the last time it was down to Se and the Swords duo. Time to work Se over some more. After some discussion Anto told Pat to sit in on the Trim road section and to attack at a predetermined point and if he was caught Anto would counter. When Pat launched about 5 miles out, he did so pretty decisively and it left for Se to once again close it down with Anto back in tow. A last ditch surge by the Dublin Wheelers rider on the run in nearly paid off as he got within 20 yards only for Anto to deliver the final blow by coming off his wheel to take 2nd place with Pat safely across the line. A classic example of teamwork where numerical advantage is everything. Either could have won and both had been prepared to sacrifice themselves for the other. Previous wins for Pat had always come in Time Trails and although he has often been placed, this was his first ever victory in a road race.

Race Result: Summerhill (51 miles) 2 hours 13 min
Pos. Rider Club
1. Pat Halpin McNally Swords
2. Anthony McMahon McNally Swords
3. Se Westom Dublin Whlrs All Systems