IVCA Memorial Cup

In the A Race Sean Lally (McNally Swords) got clear with Daryl Bent (Stagg Lucan) just before the race emerged on to the Navan road section on lap 1 of the two lap event. This pair worked well together to establish an advantage and defend a gap that hovered at about 30 seconds. This duo stayed clear for an entire lap until Anthony McMahon (McNally Swords) got clear of the bunch at more or less the same section that Sean & Daryl had attacked on lap 1. A glance back showed Sean that he had a teammate coming across, so he eased slightly to let him on (but as Sean said there was steam coming out of him at this stage!!!). Anto attacked on Soldiers Hill and there was no response from Daryl, but he had been out there for an entire lap. Once Anto had established a gap Sean then jumped across to leave the two Swords men clear to the line. In the B race, eventual winner Karl Naylor (McNally Swords) was in practically every move. He moved clear will a small group of riders and had a good gap before there was a reaction from the main bunch which then split as riders tried to get across. .On the final lap Karl rode away from the lead group on Soldiers Hill and once he realised that he had a gap, kept it going all the way to the line.

The C race came down to bunch sprint in which Dave Blake (McNally Swords) finished 2nd to winner Eddie Dunne. But as Eddie is a former All Ireland Track Sprint Champion, Dave needn’t feel too bad about it !!!!

Two out of the three cups going to Swords riders (plus two 2nd places). Not a bad days work!!!!