IVCA Batterstown CP

Today’s race was a 3 group CP with small time gaps between each group. Starting promptly at 09.30 with dry but cold conditions, our group of ‘Yellows’ were 2nd to go. Almost from the start we organised ourselves and got the chain of riders going through, keeping the pace fast and eating into the time gap and by the end of the first of three laps out quarry was in sight. Again keeping the pace high we merged with the lead group and as many of us reckoned we might stay clear of scratch we worked together to maintain our advantage. Last time up the hill at Culmullin the race started in earnest, when Dave Kelly (Bray Wh), Ned Costello (Usher), and Brendan Kennedy (McNally Swords) made a good attempt to get clear on the hill only to be brought back by a determined chase led by a IMBRC / Orwell combination. Turning right onto the Summerhill Road for the last time Dave Kelly (Bray Wh) attacked again on the slight rise, this time going clear. This move certainly set alarm bells ringing in the bunch. He had a good gap, but despite a valiant effort he was never out of sight. I was calmed by the experience and ability of teammate Brendan Kennedy who pointed out to me that Dave was battling alone into the wind and it was a long way to the finish. I also knew when push came to shove he would help close that gap…….. when the time was right! Slowly the bunch closed in on the brave attacker but didn’t reel him completely until about 3 miles from the finish. At this stage I started to think I had a chance for the win. My loyal teammate Brendan closed down everything and at one stage found himself just off the front with Ned and an Orwell rider. I was happy with this situation as it wasn’t up to me to close that gap, and if they got clear I fancied Brendan’s chances of the win. As it was this gap was closed and it was all together as we headed into the last corner. I came around the corner in about 6th place and after all the hard work by my teammate I was left relaxed and feeling strong for the sprint. I kept on the outside making sure I wouldn’t be boxed and waited for the right moment to unleash my sprint. I timed it just right and had the power to deliver another win for Swords CC with Brendan getting a well deserved 7th.