Stamullen Grand Prix: C Race!!

On the start line I said to the others, “Lads, I’m breaking up this group on the first hill. Who’s coming with me?”

Nobody was prepared to commit. So 2 miles out from the start, I lead up the first hill. I made it over the top with two guys in tow. We had opened up a gap by the Naul and without much effort from us the gap continued to open and soon the breakaway was down to just a guy from Antrim and I. By Gormanstown the chase group were nowhere to be seen and we could see the juniors and vets race ahead, so we put in a big effort to catch them by Stamullen on the second time, thinking that all we had to do was sit in with them for the rest of the race. Unfortunately the race commissioners had other ideas, but we managed to hang in going up the hill for the second time and decided to go again on the way out . Then on a hill 2 miles out from Gormanstown, I attacked and got away for just over a minute, then I attacked again as we passed Gormanstown College, but again to no avail. It was then down to a sprint for the line in Stamullen, which as you can see from the photo on …….I lost.

I’ll be at the next hilly road race, to go one better.