Solo win in Jazzer Wherity Memorial!

Race was on Sunday morning and the weather according to Sky news on Paddy’s day. Didn’t really work out that way and when everyone showed up it was lashing rain and there was a nice warm tropical breeze blowing around. It took a good while to pluck up the bravery to get out of the car but the need to water the flowers proved too strong. The A’s and B’s went off first for four 18 mile laps making the C race look like a spin down to the shops and then the vets and juniors headed off for 3 laps. The C race and the women’s race were 2 laps so we couldn’t really complain apart from the lack of feeling in hands and feet. The races started on the skinniest bog road they could find and it was dodgy with loads of team cars 200 lads. The hardest part of the whole race was definitely waiting around to start as everything started to turn blue. My strategy was to go hard so I might sweat and become less frozen and I was glad to see the hill at the Naul just to get back a bit of body warmth. I had a go going up the hill and decided to just keep going and see what happened. I managed to sneak away and I was delighted not to bonk and hold on for the next Saw Jason finish 10th in the A race covered in mud looking like he’d been fighting the Vietcong in Vietnam and headed in for a cup of tea. Drove home and ate every biscuit in the house including the coffee sweets in the roses box that are always left to last!