2015 Leinster Cyclocross Championships


Registration is closed.

Contact leinstercxchamps@gmail.com for queries.

McNally Swords Cycling Club are very proud to announce that the Leinster Cyclocross Championships will take place on Sunday December 6, 2015 in River Valley Park, Swords, North County Dublin.


The event is promoted by McNally Swords cycling club, in collaboration with Humhpries CyclesVerge Clothing / Lucca Sports, Darcy-Doyle Loss Assessors and Cycling Leinster.


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What are the various categories?

  • Junior Men
  • Master Men (At least one category, subject to entries)
  • U23 Men
  • Women (All women race)
  • Elite Men

Event Schedule

Sign On Open 09.15
Course Open for Practice 09.30
Race 1 Starts (B Race) 10.00
Race 1 Prize Giving 10.45
Course Open for Practice 10.45
Race 2 Start (Women & Juniors) 11.05
Race 2 End 11.50
Course Open for Practice 12.00
Race 3 Start (M40 M50) 12.20
Race 3 End 13.10
Course Open for Practice 13.20
Curry Served 13.40
Race 4 Start (Elite Men & U23) 13.40
Race 4 end 14.45
Championship Prize Giving 15.00


Where is the Leinster Cyclocross Championships taking place?

The Leinster Cyclocross Championships will take place in Ward River Valley Park, Swords, North County Dublin. The park is quite big. The sign on location will be announced closer to the date.

When will registration be open?

Registration will open soon.

I have a mountain bike; can I race the Leinster Cyclocross Championships?

No, you may only use a cyclocross bike to race in the cyclocross championships. Cyclocross bikes are uniquely designed for the sport.

Are you hosting a support non-championship race?

Yes we are! We will share more details with you as soon as we can.

Do I need a special license to race Leinster Cyclocross Championships?

Yes, you need to hold an annual racing licence that covers your insurance.

Medals will only be awarded to riders with Leinster registered clubs or riders that are unattached but who’s address is in Leinster.

It is your responsibility (not the race organiser) to ensure that you are eligible to race in your intended category. Don’t be disappointed on the day, so make sure in advance that you are eligible.

I have a Munster licence/other licence can I race in the Leinster Champs/B Race?

If your club is not Leinster based, then you may still enter the Leinster Champs race but you will not be eligible for a medal.

You can also enter the support (aka B) race.



Is the venue kid and dog friendly?

Yes. Everyone can come and watch the races. There is a playground for your kids on the course. Please keep your children on a leash and your dogs off the course. No wait, that should be the other way around. Oh … and bring your wellies, it could get muddy!

It’s also Christmas shopping friendly, being conveniently located very close to the Swords Pavillion and Airside retail parks.

Will there be access to the park for locals during the event?

Of course! The park will be open to the public, as any other day. Spectating is free and we will be delighted to see locals join us and be part of the cheering crowds. In fact, there should be a few McNally Swords CC members racing and they would love your support.

Is there a charge for spectators?

No, this is a free event for spectators, open to all! The more spectators the better!

How do I determine my race age?

Your race age is how old you will be on December 31, 2015. The category that is listed on a rider’s 2015 licence is the category that they must enter in the Championships. This is of significant importance to those riders in age restricted categories, like Junior or Veteran. Riders will only be able to compete in the category that is listed on their 2015 licence.

I generally race in the B-Race in the Ulster CX/Fixx Series – which race should I enter?

Racing the B race in Ulster CX/Fixx Series doesn’t mean that you cannot enter the Leinster Championships. There are three races to choose from. Pick whichever you feel most comfortable with. Just remember that you may only use MTBs in the support race.

Thank you very much to Caroline Martinez for the information.