Prize Giving Night 2015

McNally Swords CC recently held the club AGM and prize giving night in Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords.

The night was much like any other AGM/Prize-giving night which we have had…



Are ye doin much a de trainin?

Ah ya know, gettin ouh fer a bit… doin some o dem turbo boosthah sessions

Turbo wha?

BOOOOOOOsthah… dey like… give ye a boost or sumtin

Oh righ’

Do ye have one o dem power meter tings?

A wha?

A power meter. If you don’t have one den you dont have any of de power

Better get me one o dem den.

Derek sells dem.

He sells everytin in dat shop.

Ye get a discount if yer a Swords member.

Ahn a coffee if he likes ye

No coffee fer me so


Ah why not

Are ye on de Strava?

Da wha?

De Straaaaaaaavaaaaaaaa. Its where ya put yer rides so every one on d’internet can see em.

Wha? Everyone on d’internet can see yer rides?


Feck… well… whatever yer into. Prefer de privacy mesel’. Don’t want people commentin on my performance or nuttin

Dey give ye a kudos if ye do well.



A shure might as well

Oh der doin the bit abou’ de money.

Is it dat Atkinson fella?


He has all de money.

Oh feck now dere doin de election bit

Look at de ground, don make eye contact

Ah ye big fool! Ye’re on de committee now ya spanner!



Ah one more I s’pose

Ah prizes now.

Look ah dem smug gits. I coulda won da.

No ya couldn’t.

A ye’re right, dem lot are too fast fer me. I just need te stop eatin and drinkin. Oh, look! Sausages!

Thank you to Brian Morrissey for the pictures.


Derek Humphries accepting the trophy for 1st place in the Club Championship race. Alan Kelly presented the prize.


Johnny Holland took top spot in the Joe McNally League.


Ciarán Handley was second over all in the Joe McNally League.


Michael Wall was 3rd over all in the Joe McNally League.


Frank Pierce was first youth in the Joe McNally League.


Brendan Furey was first man in the Touring League, sponsored by Humphries Cycles. Joe Doyle made the presentation.


Donal McMonagle was second man in the touring league.


Tony O’Malley was club champion in the 25 mile TT. You think he would look happy about it.


Slightly better. Tony O’Malley’s normal ice-cold killer look is betrayed by a slight upturn of the mouth as he accepts his prize as joint club 10 mile TT champion. John Rowan (not pictured) tied with him.


Bernie O’Brien is the first woman in the touring league.


Tony Hyland looking smug having just collected the prize for “best tattoo on a right arm”.


Stephen Cleary is not happy with only getting second in the “best arm tattoo” category. Next year, Stephen, next year.


There’s Frank Pierce again, this time accepting the award for Junior Club Champion.


Damien Donlon was the first vet in the Joe McNally League.


Olivier Ansaldi collecting hist outstanding achievement award for completing Paris-Brest-Paris, an exhausting (and essentially non-stop) 1200 km ride. Chapheau.



Evelyn Doyle was second woman in the touring league.


Alicja Roslaniec was first woman in the Joe McNally League.


Olivier is pleased with his award, and rightly so as he deserved it.