Bike Talk With… John Ward

This weeks volunteer victim nominee is our touring back-bone, John Ward.


Eh, he doesn’t drive, he cycles.

How long have you been cycling with Swords?
I have been a member of McNally Swords CC for 19 years.

Is it true that you know every back road in Dublin and Meath?
Yes, I know many back roads in north co.Dublin. I try to mix it up as much as possible. In reality I have a poor sense of direction. So I make it up as I go along. I give directions in an authoritive voice so it sounds like I know what I’m doing.


Holding court.

What was your KM cycled for 2015 and so far for 2016?
12000k last year,3500k so far this year

How many coffee stops do you reckon you have had in the last ten years?
That’s easy to calculate 2×52 =104 x10=1040 coffees in ten years

Coffee #978.


Favourite place for a coffee stop?
Current favourite coffee stop is in Maynooth.

At his favourite coffee stop.

Favourite sportive in Ireland?
Rebel tour in Glengariff in West Cork.

Coordinating the Swords Tour.

Done any abroad?
No sportive abroad but I have cycled many lovely routes in the Vendee in France.

The starting point for so many touring spins over the years.

Lastly, what price for a hair cut?
Ed: Answer not suitable… I think

A handsome devil.