No Doubt Handley

Ciarán answered the doubts from last week in emphatic style by winning by slightly more than a width of a mouse whisker.

Where last week’s win required a micrometer to measure the gap, this week we could use half a bike.

Ciarán came to the line with Aureliusz of Stamullen…


Who has it?

… but finished strong to keep the win in the club.


Ciarán has it!

B Race

Meanwhile, the B race was once again an uncontested affair with Adrian O’Sullivan riding clear to win with no one else in sight.

Second place, however, was close!

Nice to win like that.

Nice to win like that.

Frank is pleased with second.

Frank is pleased with second.


Clonavly, 11th May 2016

A Race

1st. Ciarán Handley

2nd. Aureliusz Kłus

3rd. Damien Donlon

4th. Jonathan Grimes

5th. Mark Burns

6th. Damien Gannon

7th. Brendan Furey

8th. Micky Dardis

9th. Mark McCourt

10th. Keith Sharkey

B Race

1st. Adrian O’Sullivan

2nd. Frank Pierce

3rd. Brian Bredican

4th. Ian Morrissey

5th. Roibeard Ó Riain

6th. Colm Grace

7th. Louis Freiter

8th. Tony Murphy

9th. Trevor Kelly

10th. Alan Mulvey