Women’s and A League wrapped up, but B still to play for

With the last road race of the Joe McNally League almost upon us and a hill climb to finish off, we take a look at the standings and the mathematical (if not impossible) outcomes, remembering that in the A and B leagues it’s 25 points for a win, 21 for second spot, 18 for 3rd, 15 for 4th, 12 for 5th, 10 for 6th, 8 for 7th, 7 for 8th, 6 for 9th, 5 for 10th and 2 for a sign-on. Whilst in the women’s league it’s 8 for first, 6 for second and 5 for third… I really hope that I have the points right and that I’ve done my maths right… it’s been a while…

Women’s League

Alicja warming up at the Trader's Cup. Photo by Sean Rowe.

Alicja warming up at the Trader’s Cup. Photo by Sean Rowe.

1. Alicja Roslaniec 75
2. Bernadette O’Brien 50
3. Bernie McNally 32

All the top spots are set in stone in the women’s league, with Alicja winning for the second year in a row. Nice one!

B League

Rob Ryan in action at the Howth Hill Climb TT.

Rob Ryan in action at the Howth Hill Climb TT.

Rank Rider Points
1 Rob Ryan 214
2 Gerry Martin 193
3 Ian Morrissey 175
4 Dave Teague 134
5 Alan Kelly 116
6 Brian Bredican 115
7 Ken Power 111
8 Alan Mulvey 102
9 Alan Nolan 93
10 Trevor Kelly 87

This one is still wide open with all of the top 3 in with a shout. That said, based on recent chicken wing consumption, Rob Ryan holds the trump cards.

A League

Ciaran takes the win in Corkagh.

Ciaran takes the win in Corkagh.

Rank Rider Points
1 Ciarán Handley 245
2 Jonathan Grimes 185
3 Adrian O’Sullivan 164
4 Damien Donlon 123
5 Derek Humphries 116
6 Michael Wall 104
7 Brian Morrissey 102
8 Aureliusz Klus 98
9 Mark Burns 90
10 Mick Dardis 88

With only 50 points maximum available, Ciaran has this one sealed but all is still to play for in the minor spots depending on what happens out on the road. May the second best man come second!