Joe McNally League: Race 7: May 24th: Results! (Photo’s/Videos)


A Race:

  1. Finbar McGurren
  2. Ciaran Handley
  3. Ross Collins
  4. Mark McCourt
  5. Derek Humphries
  6. Brian Bolger
  7. Johnny Holland
  8. Robert Staunton
  9. Dave Teague
  10. Sean Landers (Stamullen)


B Race:

  1. Ciaran McSweeney
  2. Tony O Farrell (VCB)
  3. Mark McCarthy
  4. Aidan Harford
  5. James Willett
  6. Jason O Toole
  7. Matt McGuinness
  8. Philip Lennon
  9. Laura Banfield
  10. Alan Kelly (Mr. 6th!)



Ladies Race:

  1. Laura Banfield


A BIG Thank you to Tom Walsh, Colm Grace and Jonathan Grimes for the Photo’s..and Paul Hunter for the finish line video on facebook


More Photo’s


Below are the “SwordsccCam” finish line videos.

(Apologies but the A race video did not capture 1st, 2nd or 3rd!…they were too fast!)