Joe McNally League Update ## IMPORTANT ##

All the Racing committee met May 15th to review the Club League. The main item discussed was to review the race groups to ensure the Racing remains competitive and gives everyone an opportunity/ possibility to be competitive.

The following changes have been made:

Down to limit: Andrew Madswley, Conor Doyle, Terry Quinlan jr., Tony Keating, Trevor Kelly.

Up to semi limit: Philip Lennon

Down to Semi scratch: Sam McArdle

Up to scratch: Ross Collins, Sean Landers (Stamullen)

Up to Super Scratch: Aureliusz Klus, Ciaran Handley, Damien Donlon, Finbar McGurran


We also had a review of the league progress so far, and noted some areas for improvements, both in terms of safety and the logistics of running the event on the night. We’re therefore asking the assigned chief marshals and safety officers for our remaining events to take note of these requests from the racing committee;


  • It is the chief marshals responsibility to ensure the club car is at the sign-on at or before 6:30pm. The car is in Alan Kelly’s house in Oldtown and can be collected before or on the day of the race. Once notified, Alan can leave the keys in a secure location and send the code for the gates. Once the race is over, the car must be returned to Oldtown
  • It is the safety officer’s Responsibility to drive around the circuit and ensures that the marshals are in place and reports this to the chief marshal (via text or phone). The safety officer can then act as lead car no. 2.
  • Marshals should be posted to “S” bends and be advised to shout “KEEP LEFT” to all oncoming groups to ensure riders stay on the left while negotiating the “S” bends. In particular this applies on the Ardcath and Clonalvy circuits
  • As riders approach a junction, Marshals should not be Static. Flag MUST be raised, Marshals must DIRECT the riders in the direction of travel, Marshals must SHOUT one of the following:  “CLEAR” (if the junction is clear), “KEEP LEFT” (if there is oncoming traffic on the circuit), “STOP” if the junction is unsafe. Keep shouting the instruction until the last rider has past.
  • Lead car drivers should be advised to sound their car horns when cars are approaching the riders. Riders should be advised that if they hear the lead car sound it’s horn, they are to KEEP LEFT.
  • Once the race is underway, it’s vital the finish line is laid down and the GoPro camera is set up. Ideally it is setup on the tripod on the roof of the club car (in line with the finish line). Example:
  • Once the A race is over, Lead car 1 should drive the race circuit and ensure any riders that had mechanicals are not left stranded on the road.
  • ALL marshals must return all equipment to the club car after the race.