League Registration Open

The Joe McNally League 2018 online registration is OPEN!

Here are the most important details…

Please note the following points:

  1. All riders must register and pay online via the Club Website (No cash will be taken on race night)  If your name is not on the sign on sheet..No race!
    1. League Fees: Adult €50 : Junior €20
  2. Online registration is open until March 30th.
  3. The league is open to club members and invited clubs/guests only.
  4. Every rider must hold a valid Cycling Ireland Limited Competition or higher license. (unfortunately IVCA license holders will also need a CI license)
  5. All riders must marshal at least two events.
  6. Under Cycling Ireland rules, bikes fitted with disc brakes cannot race
  7. All riders must attend the briefing on April 3rd in Hollywell Community centre @ 7.30pm (if you cannot attend, please advise a club committee member). All club members are welcome to attend this meeting, as it is no harm for everyone to know what marshalling a race involves as it also applies to non competitive events.
  8. This year we will be using bike frame numbers, which must be mounted on the bikes seat post, under the saddle.

List of events:

11/04/18 Prologue Garristown
18/04/18 Road Race Duleek
25/04/18 Corkagh Park Corkagh Park
02/0518 Road Race Fieldstown
09/05/18 Road Race Gormanstown
16/05/18 Road Race Ardcath
23/05/18 Road Race Coolquay
30/05/18 Road Race Gormanstown
06/06/18 TT Batterstown
13/06/18 Corkagh Park Corkagh Park
20/06/18 Road Race Duleek
27/06/18 Road Race Fieldstown
04/07/18 TT Batterstown
11/07/18 Club Championship Ardcath
18/07/18 Corkagh Park Corkagh Park
25/07/18 TT (Hill Climb) Howth
01/08/18 Road Race Coolquay
08/08/18 Corkagh Park Corkagh Park
15/08/18 Road Race Ardcath
22/08/18 TT Nags head (5 roads)