Spin League - join in and get those legs moving

This is the inaugural Club Spin League competition. Its purpose is to encourage members to take part in an official group spin within the Club. It also recognises those cyclists who are already regular group spin cyclists. The overall aim is to create a sense of togetherness within the club through participation in these spins.

There will be a separate Touring League that will run in parallel with the Spin League. The Touring league will give members the opportunity to gather points through the participation in Sportives, Audaxes events and other events as described on its web page.

The Spin League is open to all members. There is a separate competition for both male and female. Prizes will be awarded to the highest placed man and woman.

There is no entry fee or travel expenses, just turn up and cycle.

In order to get points, you simply go out on one of the official group spins and do a minimum of 40km. The more often you go out the more points you will be awarded.

The Club Spin League will start on the 1st March 2023 and finish in mid-October.

The Spin League is open to all members. Points are awarded based on participation in recognised official Club group spins.

Official Spin groups are: Sunday Group – Tuesday Group – Thursday Group.

Also five Spins on Saturday: Red group, Purple Group, Blue Group, Orange Group and Green Group.

The points table is updated by Frank Rooney.

Group Spin leaders will have to email Frank.

When emailing please use this format. In the subject description write the Day Group and Date for example, Sunday Group 04/02/2023. For Saturday groups write the Day Colour Group and Date. For example Saturday Green Group 04/02/2023.

In the composed email text, the Spin leaders will need to give the names of participants and the distance covered within 24hrs of the spin.

Email Address is: rooneyfrank2023@gmail.com

2 points are awarded for spins between 40km and 100km.

1 point is awarded for every 10km after 100km.

Spins start and finish in Swords.

The distance is calculated from starting at Swords and finishing at Swords.

Of those participants who turn off before Swords, their distance is calculated at the turn off point.

Any official Group Spin organised away from the normal Swords to Swords route will be awarded points on the same basis as described above.

Any member or members not interested in participating should inform their group leader.

All participants have to be a member of McNally Swords Cycling Club.

The Touring Sub – Committee reserves the right to vary points awarded, in order to encourage increased participation.

The McNally Swords Cycling Club Touring Jersey for 2023 will be awarded to the man and woman with the highest combined totals from the Touring League and the Club Spin League.

Information about the Club Spin League will be displayed on Swords web page.

Best of Luck to everyone.