Historic Club Photos

While currently most of our club photographs end up on various Facebook pages, there was a time when they were posted solely on our website. As McNally Swords CC has been on the go since 1986 we’ve iterated through a number of different websites. When a website gets redesigned or moves hosting, it’s possible some of the old content goes missing. To try and prevent that happening with old photographs, we’ve created this page.

Digging into the archives has unearthed some historic photos from the early 2000s. From races to holidays, presentations to weekends away, all aspects of club life are depicted. Many members pictured have moved on, but there are quite a few who are still part of McNally Swords CC.

If you were around at the time and spot any incorrect or missing information, or if you have any historic club photos of your own you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to get in contact to fill in the gaps.

Pre 2000