McNally Swords CC COVID-19 Protocols

Last updated 2021-05-08

To All Members,

Clubs are advised to appoint a Covid-19 officer and this role will be filled by Mark McCarthy. Any members that have any concerns relating to Covid-19 should contact the Covid-19 Officer. All communications will be handled discreetly and confidentially. You can contact Mark by email:

Cycling Ireland Online Registration for Club Spins

In order to guarantee that accurate records are being registered on the CI Booking system, we are now asking for Spin Leaders to register the names of participants on club spins. This will account for potential no shows and/or participants that have not registered.

It is not always practical to do this before a spin starts so Spin Leaders are asked to do it after the spin when they return home. This must be done on the same date as the spin because it is not possible to select a past date.

Spin Leaders can register themselves and up to 14 other riders. They will then receive a confirmation email that lists all of the names registered and can then forward this email to:

For the purpose of booking a place and recording you will need to enter the correct club spin name.

  • Tuesday Touring
  • Thursday Touring
  • Green Spin
  • Orange Spin
  • Blue Spin
  • Purple Spin
  • Red Spin
  • Sunday Touring
  • Sunday Youth
  • Sunday Red

Before Club Spins

You must not attend a club activity if:

  • In the last 14 days you have been unwell or have had close contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19
  • In the past 14 days you have returned from a Non-Green List Country

All members should complete a self-assessment before attending club activities. A self-assessment form can be found on the Cycling Ireland website [PDF]. This is for your own personal use only.

  • Members must adhere to Social Distancing requirements at the meeting point before a Club Spin. Face coverings should be worn if a 2m social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Please don’t arrive to the meeting point any more than 5 minutes before the Spin start time.
  • For Saturday spins, please go straight to the designated area for your spin and maintain social distancing.

Designated meeting areas for Saturday club spins

All cyclists need to assume personal responsibility for their own health and safety when deciding to train with others.

During Club Spins

  • Designated spin leaders will be required to record the names of the members that attend club spins and send it on to the Covid-19 officer. This information will be maintained and accessed by the Covid-19 Officer and will only be stored for as long as it is required before being deleted.
  • The committee have agreed that the maximum group size for our spins is 15 cyclists. (If more show up then the group must be split into 2.)
  • Wash your hands regularly. (We recommend that members bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them on spins.)
  • Follow good respiratory etiquette. Cough, Sneeze into your elbow. (If you must clear your nose, cough or sneeze then you must drop off the back and ensure nobody is behind you.) If you are suffering from something like hay fever then please advise the Spin Leader and remain at the back of the group for the spin.
  • Adhere to Social distancing requirements. (Sport Ireland and Cycling Ireland guideline is that close contact is limited to training and competition only and strict physical distancing should be adhered to outside of the activity. For the purpose of club spins, this means social distancing must be maintained before and after spins and also during any stops)
  • Avoid busy establishments for Tea/Coffee stops. If somewhere is busy then go elsewhere. Safety is most important but we should also consider how a large group entering an establishment could be perceived by others.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact so have your own food, tools, pumps etc. No handshakes or high fives.
  • Avoid Cycling in the slipstream of others. This is unavoidable on group spins so members should try to minimise the amount of time spent in slipstreams. Spin leaders should encourage regular changeovers.
  • If you feel unwell or experience symptoms of Covid-19 then make the spin leader aware and isolate yourself from the group.

The latest statement from Cycling Ireland and links to related documents can be found on the Cycling Ireland website.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation with the above. If you require any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the club committee.

Best Regards,
Club Committee