The club car is available for any McNally Swords Cycling Club members who meet the criteria outlined below. When not in use the club car is kept in Oldtown, Co. Dublin where it is to be collected from and returned to when arrangements have been made.

Car pooling is encouraged. There is room for multiple bikes, and club members travelling to the same race or event could split fuel costs. To arrange car pooling keep an eye on our various Facebook pages.

Club Car Rules

In order to gain access to the club car you must:

  1. Have a full driving licence
  2. Be aged between 30-70 years old
  3. Collect and return the club car to Oldtown, Co. Dublin
  4. Pay all tolls and charges incurred while the club car is in your possession
  5. Ensure the club car is returned with a full tank of DIESEL
  6. Ensure the club car is kept clean inside and out, and returned in the same condition
  7. Return the club car at the earliest possible opportunity so that other members can use it
  8. Keep record of your usage (a diary is kept in the glove box)
  9. Remember: the club car is emblazoned with the club name, you are representing McNally Swords CC when using it

Anyone found breaking the rules will not be permitted to use the club car again.

Book the Club Car

Use this form to book the club car in advance. We request a scan/photo of your driving licence (front and back) in order to verify your identity and eligibility. For details about how McNally Swords CC handles your information please see our privacy statement.

    Please upload photo of both the front and back of your driving licence (max. 5 MB each, jpg/png/gif)