Maintaining your Bib Shorts

Your Cycling Bibshorts are the most important garment in your wardrobe and so the better you treat them ‘On and Off’ the bike, the longer they will last.

WEARING Bibshorts

Your BibShorts should be a snug fit otherwise the chamois will not stay in the correct position. Movement should be between your bibshorts and your saddle not between the chamois and your bum. For longer spins you can always apply some chamois cream or chamois powder which will provide an additional barrier and give an extra edge, which will take the vibration.

  1. Take off your shoes before putting your bibshorts on. They can snag otherwise. We don’t know why we need to say this but we have seen it.
  2. Pull the bibshorts up high and then pull the legs of the bibshorts up higher.
  3. Make sure the bibshorts fit snugly and after pull the legs down. Squat to make sure everything is correct.
  4. The bibs (straps) should be spread neatly over your shoulders, not twisted.

If you are new to Cycling, it may take your bum a few spins to toughen up but as your legs get stronger and stronger they will help you lift you bum off the saddle reducing the continuous pressure on it. Of course, a proper bike fit is important and overtime your arms will also support their share of your weight helping out your bum also.

CARING for your Bibshorts

Elasticated Fabrics and materials (your bibshorts) hate both, sweat and the sun so after your ride wash them quickly or if you cannot, rinse them to flush out the bacteria and your sweat.

  1. Avoid sitting on abrasive surfaces like stone or brick walls.
  2. Washing is an excellent choice but please use non-bio detergents at 30c, wash inside out exposing the chamois and rinse well.
  3. Many riders hand wash their bibshorts, but this is not a must.
  4. Hang them inside out in the shade.
  5. Do not use a tumble dryer as the intense heat and the high tech lycra don’t get on. (if you really need to, make sure the bibshorts are inside out)
  6. If you have Velcro based products, use a pillowcase or wash bag to keep them away from the bibshorts material.

When out riding, watch out for your saddlebag moving from side to side or the zip end of your jersey/gilet as they could cause abrasive contact with your bibshorts.