Club Track Day with Aidan Hammond

Club Track Day with Aidan Hammond, Leading Cycling Ireland Coach

Corkagh Park, Saturday 25th February 2023, 9:30 – 12:30

This is a day for club members to learn bike handling skills, road handling skills and above all learn how to be better and safer on the road.

Aidan will cover things like:

  • Proper communication / signalling and hand position in groups
  • Riding 2 abreast up and over and singling out properly
  • Eating and drinking while cycling in the group / Riding one handed / Proper use of gearing
  • Riding close to other riders / bumping off each other
  • Looking behind when cycling and when cycling in a group
  • Cornering and cornering technique. Fast cornering and leaning
  • Skills of cycling i.e. balance, leaning, getting in and out of the saddle when climbing, stopping/starting, changing gears, braking

Michelle Hammond (also a Cycling Ireland coach and the other half of Team Hammond_ will also be coaching on the day and will be available for women specific coaching and advice.

Depending on the skill levels of those there on the day, more advance skills will be incorporated into the programme.

Numbers are limited. €10 per head.

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