Welcome to our dedicated women’s section where you can find out what’s available to you as part of McNally Swords cycling community.

Women’s club representative: Our women’s rep is Claire Cooke. You are welcome to email Claire with your questions relating to club activities, membership, women’s racing or general club related queries.

Email: womensrepswordscc@gmail.com

Club race league

Women are an active part of our summer racing league which is held on Wednesday nights (more information on the details of the league here). The league is divided into an ‘A’ and ‘B’ league and each league is further handicapped based on ability. Women join the league at the appropriate level to suit them, from beginner to experienced racer, there is a level for everyone.  The club league is a great place to try out your first race, learn race craft, get fit, and build skills.

Leisure / Touring

With events ‘sportives’ on around the country almost every weekend in the season, there are a lot of options for participation. McNally Swords have a strong representation at many sportives throughout the year and this is steadily growing. The events very in distance and terrain and with so many events these days there is sure to be something for everyone. Keep an eye on the club Facebook group here to see what events our members are participating in.  Our regular touring group meet every Sunday year-round and women members are very welcome and encouraged to join.

Some popular events include:

The full leisure calendar is available from cycling Ireland here http://www.cyclingireland.ie/page/events/events-calendar/leisure-sportive-events


Beginner race league

The Corkagh park beginners league is the ideal start to trying out racing in a set up designed for beginners and held on a purpose-built cycle track. The Corkagh park league is also suitable for riders with more experience. This race league is a fantastic platform to learn about racing and meet like minded people.  


The Intermediate league

A new race league has been established to suit those women beginning or progressing in road racing.  This is most suitable for those who have already done some introductory races such as the club league, corkagh park or triathlon races. These races are typically between 40-70km in distance.


National league

The National league is a series of road races that run once per month in different locations across the country. These races are best suited to experienced riders or those who have completed some racing such as the Intermediate League races.

Further details on all categories of women’s racing can be found at the women’s cycling Ireland dedicated page here.

Open racing

Another option for racing is to get involved in the weekend open races at your appropriate level. In these races, the women are mixed in with the men. These races are more suitable for an experienced rider. The distances will be longer and vary by category. The bunches are larger and speeds are higher.

The Irish Veteran Cyclists Association (The IVCA)

The IVCA, also known as “the vets” welcome women over the age of 35 and men over the age of 40. Within the IVCA there are sections for those interested in leisure cycling, racing and time trialling.  Leisure tours are held on the first and third Sundays of the month. The racing and time trial leagues are mixed gender but graded and give competitors the opportunity to race alongside cyclists of similar ability and/or age.

A number of Swords CC women enjoy competing in the IVCA touring, racing and time trialling leagues.

For further information on membership see  http://theivca.com/?page_id=13

Questions? For any questions on what racing is suitable for you please feel free to contact the club women’s rep at womensrepswordscc@gmail.com

Training Spins

The Club run weekly spins for every ability. These spins are mixed, but each group will have women among them on most weeks.  See our page here for details on the day, time and groups