McNally Swords Cycling Club


  1. The Club shall be known as McNally Swords Cycling Club (the “Club”)
  2. The Club is an Unincorporated Association of its Members, based in Fingal
  3. The objectives of the Club are to support its Members in all forms of cycling both competitive and non-competitive. The Club will also look to promote cycling activities at local and national level. The Club will seek to arrange racing for its Members via an Annual Club League. The Club may also promote additional events for its Members as well as non-members including Open races in accordance with relevant rules and guidelines.
  4. The Club shall affiliate annually to the Irish Cycling Federation (“Cycling Ireland”)


  1. The Club Membership year shall run from January to December.
  2. Classes of Membership
    1. Honorary – granted by the Membership at AGM/EGM to Members who have provided exceptional service to the club – Honorary Members have full voting rights but are not required to pay annual Club Membership subscriptions.
    2. Full – single membership with full voting rights – reduced subscriptions may be payable for over 60s and the unwaged.
    3. Couple – two over 18s each with a vote
    4. Family – all members of a family (2 over 18s plus their children) may join paying discounted subscription with one vote per family member over the age of 18.
    5. Associate – non-voting and non-cycling membership at reduced subscriptions
    6. Junior – non-voting membership for under 18s (based on age at the end of the calendar year) at reduced/nil subscriptions
  3. All Club Members, except Associates shall take out annual membership with Cycling Ireland. In the case of Couple or Family membership each individual joining the club must take out membership with this organisation
  4. The Club shall elect from its Members the following officers:
    1. Club Chairperson
    2. Club Vice-Chairperson
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Committee Members
  5. Notices to Club Members may be given by mail or e-mail. Where notices are required under this Constitution to be made by or given to the Secretary, if the Secretary is unavailable for any reason the Club Chairperson or Treasurer may issue/be sent the relevant notice(s). If none of the 3 named officers are available, the Club Committee may issue/be sent the relevant notice(s)


  1. The Secretary will summon an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) which will be held in October, November or December each year. A minimum 7 days notice of the AGM is required to be provided. Notice may be given via the club website or by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the member.
  2. The Club Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) by giving a minimum 7 days notice to its Members. At least 10% of Club Members may also request an EGM by giving notice to the Secretary. The notice must state the purpose of the EGM and any proposed resolutions to be put to the Membership. On receipt of such notice the Secretary will call an EGM to be held within 28 days.
  3. Proceedings at AGM/EGM
    1. A quorum of an AGM or EGM shall be 6 Members who are entitled to vote or 5% of the number of Members who are entitled to vote, whichever is the greater.
    2. The AGM and any EGM will be chaired by the Club Chairperson or if not present the Club Vice-Chairman. If neither the Club Chairperson nor the Club Vice-Chairman is present the Members who are in attendance will elect a Chairperson for the meeting
    3. A report on the financial status of the Club will be delivered at each AGM
    4. Club Membership subscriptions shall be set at the AGM or an EGM
    5. Any changes to the Club’s Constitution can only be made via a vote at the AGM or an EGM.
    6. All votes taken at either an AGM or EGM shall be decided by a simple majority of Members voting, with the Chairperson of the meeting not having a vote except in the event of a tie in which case the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the casting vote
    7. The final proceedings at each AGM will be to elect the officers set out in Article 8. above. For the positions of Club Chairperson, Club Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, any Club Member may nominate another Member for any of the positions. A second Club Member must second the nomination. If more than one nomination is received for any of these positions a vote will be held as set out in 12 f. above. The roles of Club Chairperson, Club Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer must be held by separate individuals and any votes to elect these officers will be taken in the following order
      1. Club Chairperson
      2. Club Vice-Chairperson
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
  4. The Club Chairperson, Club Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer will all be Members of the Club Committee. Other Members of the Club Committee will be elected at the AGM
  5. Officers shall take up their positions at the conclusion of the AGM and will serve in office until the conclusion of the following AGM unless they resign by sending a letter of resignation to the Secretary


  1. The Club Committee shall meet regularly at a time and location to be notified to Committee Members by the Secretary
  2. The Club Committee shall be responsible for the following, and may delegate responsibility to others as it sees fit:
    1. organising racing, leisure and training events and related safety considerations
    2. setting Club racing fees
    3. arranging the supply and distribution of Club cycling kit
    4. maintaining the Club website (
    5. management of Club finances
    6. any other day to day matters relating to the Club
    7. the managing of any club assets
    8. the Committee may at its absolute discretion reject any application for membership of the Club
  3. Should the Club Chairperson, Club Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer be unable to fulfil their roles for an extended time, or resign their positions, the Club Committee may appoint one of its members to fill that position until a new election is held at the conclusion of the following AGM.
  4. The Club Committee may co-opt other Club Members onto the Committee.


  1. The Committee shall have power to suspend or revoke membership of any member whom they consider to have acted in a manner derogatory to the interest or welfare of the club or fellow members of the club. Any member so suspended or whose membership has been revoked shall not be entitled to any refund of membership or race fees paid.
    1. Any Member of McNally Swords Cycling Club, accused of dishonest behaviour or conduct to the extent it brings the Club into disrepute, or who refuses to comply with the rules or directions of the Officers of the club, or who behaves in a manner prejudicial to the proper conduct of the Constitution and Club Rules will be subject to the Club Discipline and Appeals process
    2. Member complaints against fellow members or club officers will be subject to the Club Discipline and Appeals process.
    3. The Secretary will immediately inform the Chairperson of any complaints received and the Chairperson will initiate the workings of the Club Discipline Process
    4. The Committee shall form a Disciplinary Committee of 3 Club members including at least one member of the Club Committee, which will not include anyone who is the subject of a complaint or anyone involved in making the complaint.
    5. The Disciplinary Committee shall hear evidence from the individual(s) who made the complaint, the member who is the subject of the complaint and any other individuals it considers may be able to provide evidence in connection with the complaint.
    6. In addition to having the power to suspend a member from the Club or revoke Club membership the Disciplinary Committee will have the power to suspend a member from specified Club events should it uphold the complaint.
    7. Club property lost or damaged by a member shall be replaced or made good by that member.
    8. In the case of any dispute arising as to the interpretation of the rules of the club the decision of the Club Committee shall in all cases be final.