Results & Rankings

  • L = Limit
  • SS = Semi Scratch
  • S = Scratch
  • Women’s League
  • A League
  • B League
  • The Eddy Merckx prize is issued to the fastest TT riders on standard road bikes without disc wheels or TT bars
Race 3: Road Race — Ardcath — 7th June 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Charlie HoltS
2.John HollandS
3.Paul Coffey S
4.Toby Sweatman SS
5.Sean Tolan SS
6.Niall Browne SS
7.Sean Landers S
8.Paul Norton S
9.Dave McCaul S
10.Brian O Connor SS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Dave Hickey SS
2.Daniel Ryan SS
3.Phil Lennon S
4.Dan LynottS
5.Mick Dardis S
6.Brendan Furey S
7.Justin O Connell SS
8.Ger Power S
9.Martin Walsh S
10.Stephen Sheridan S
Race 2: Road Race — Coolquay — 31st May 2023

Memorial spin for Gabriele Glodenyte

Race 1: Prologue TT — Garristown — 24th May 2023

League start moved to 31st May ****