Results & Rankings

  • L = Limit
  • SS = Semi Scratch
  • S = Scratch
  • Women’s League
  • A League
  • B League
  • The Eddy Merckx prize is issued to the fastest TT riders on standard road bikes without disc wheels or TT bars
Race 14: Hill Climb — Nag’s Head — 23rd August 2023
Pos. Rider League Group Time
No.Rider NameLeague groupFinish Time
1.Shane RyanAS06:31.84
2.Tony McNallyAS06:44.59
3.Paul O’ReillyAS06:46.67
4.sean tolanASS06:55.66
5.Conor Lally AS07:01.49
6.Barry O DriscollASS07:01.76
7.Stephen ConnorAS07:07.44
8.Chris ByrneASS07:13.55
9.Sebastian AburtoBS07:38.43
10.Andrew FogartyBS07:39.79
11.David HickeyBS07:45.60
12.Robert StauntonASS07:46.98
13.Micky DardisBS07:48.68
14.Tommy BuckleyBS07:56.68
15.Brian ConachyBS08:07.09
16.Brendan FureyBS08:14.06
17.John BurnettNANA08:22.96
18.Stuart LamontBS08:28.64
19.Alan KellyBS08:30.12
20.Michael LynchBSS08:38.55
21.Pat HalpinBSS08:55.77
22.Adrian O’SullivanNANA09:02.10
23.Brian MontagueNANA09:02.47
24.Dave Whelan/Conor WhelanBS09:25.82
25.Terry coxBSS13:32.03
26.Claire CookeNANA15:32.89
27.Tomer mahlisBNADNS
28.Joe ByrneANADNS
29.Dave O’ConnorANADNS
30.Chris MelcherANADNS
31.Johnny HollandANADNS
Race 13: Criterium — Fieldstown crit — 16th August 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Sean Landers S
2.Shane Ryan S
3.Paul O Reilly S
4.Tony Mc Nally S
5.Conor Lally S
6.Toby Sweetman SS
7.Gary Mellows SS
8.Brian O Connor SS
9.Dave o Connor SS
10.Rian Morgan SS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Stuart LamontS
2.Tomer Mihalis S
3.Sebastian Aburto S
4.Tommy Buckley S
5.Mark Mc Carthy S
6.Dan LynottS
7.John ShorttS
8.Michael Lynch SS
9.Brian Conachy S
10.Dave Hickey S
Race 12: Hill Climb — Howth — 9th August 2023
Pos. Rider League Group Time
1.Shane Ryan A07:02.54
2.Matthew Hoare A07:17.38
3.Johnny HollandA07:33.36
4.Sean Tolan A07:40.28
5.Daragh Harford A07:44.31
6.Conor Lally A07:49.14
7.Joe ByrneA08:10.81
8.Chris ByrneA08:11.12
9.Neil Wilkinson A08:19.45
10.Chris Melcher A08:23.50
11.Tomer Mihalis B08:27.28
12.Andrew Fogarty B08:41.54
13.David Hickey B08:47.87
14.Stuart LamontB08:59.49
15.Sdan LynottB09:02.92
16.Aiden HarfordB09:14.85
17.Dave Whelan B09:37.39
18.Ger Power B09:47.62
19.Terry Cox B15:18.58
Race 11: Criterium — Corkagh Park — 2nd August 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Sean LandersS
2.Sean Tolan SS
3.Mick Green SS
4.Niall Browne SS
5.Chris Melcher SS
6.Dane Farrell SS
7.Daragh Harford SS
8.Joe ByrneSS
9.Barry O Driscoll SS
10.Brian O Connor SS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Stuart LamontS
2.David Hickey S
3.Micky Dardis S
4.Tommy Buckley S
5.Aiden HarfordS
6.Brendan Furey S
7.Paddy Cullen S
8.Michael Lynch SS
9.Terry Cox SS
Race 10: Club Championships — Ardcath — 26th July 2023
There are currently no results available for this race
Race 9: Road Race — Fieldstown — 19th July 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Matthew HoareS
2.Mick Green S
3.Paul Coffey S
4.Dave McCaul S
5.Gary MellowsSS
6.Barry O Driscoll SS
7.Chris ByrneSS
8.Brian O Connor SS
9.Daragh Harford SS
10.Toby Sweetman SS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Dan LynottS
2.Mark Mc Carthy S
3.Tommy Buckley S
4.Andrew Fogarty S
5.Brian Conachy S
6.Robbie ShortallS
7.Michael Lynch SS
8.Dave Hickey S
9.Brendan Furey S
10.Pat Halpin SS
Race 8: Road Race — Ardcath — 12th July 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Shane Ryan S
2.Sean LandersS
3.Johnny HollandS
4.Niall BrowneSS
5.Dave McCaul S
6.Paul CoffeyS
7.Conor Lally S
8.Barry O Driscoll SS
9.jer Murphy SS
10.Tony McNally S
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Mark McCarthy S
2.Micky Dardis S
3.Stuart LamontS
4.Tommy Buckley S
5.Dan LynottS
6.Dave Hickey S
7.Brian Conachy S
8.Sebastian Aburto S
9.Anthony McMahon S
10.Andrew Fogarty S
Race 7: Road Race — Coolquay — 5th July 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Sean LandersS
2.Charlie HoltS
3.Paul NortonS
4.Anthony Walsh S
5.Johnny HollandS
6.Gary MellowsSS
7.Niall BrowneS
8.Andrew ButterlyS
9.Shane RyanS
10.Brian O ConnorSS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Andfrew FogartyS
2.Micky DardisS
3.Colm CrawleySS
4.Barry ByrneS
5.Aiden HarfordS
6.Mark Mc CarthyS
7.Tommy BuckleyS
8.Dan LynottS
9.Martin GilbertS
10.Justin O Toole S
Race 6: Road Race — Coolquay — 28th June 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Andrew Butterly S
2.Johnny HollandS
3.Conor Lally SS
4.David McCaul S
5.Gary MellowsSS
6.Derek Humphries SS
7.Neil Wilkinson S
8.Niall Browne SS
9.Stephen Connor S
10.Tony McNallyS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Barry ByrneS
2.Martin GilbertS
3.Justin O ConnellS
4.Aiden HarfordS
5.Tommy BuckleyS
6.Micky DardisS
7.Andrew FogartyS
8.Gerry Horan SS
9.John ShorttSS
10.Tomer Mihalis S
Race 5: Road Race — Fieldstown — 21st June 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Shane RyanS
2.Charlie HoltS
3.Niall BrowneSS
4.Rian Morgan SS
5.Derek HumphriesSS
6.Mick Green SS
7.Conor Lally SS
8.Brian McGrathSS
9.Gary MellowsSS
10.Andrew Butterly S
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Chris Byrne S
2.Micky D S
3.Dan LynottS
4.Mark McKenzieS
5.Brian Conachy SS
6.Sebastian Aburto S
7.Ben MaloneS
8.Tommy Buckley S
9.Justin O ConnellS
10.Martin GilbertS
Race 4: Criterium — Fieldstown crit — 14th June 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Toby Sweetman SS
2.Conor Lally SS
3.Shane Ryan SS
4.Sean Tolan SS
5.Brian Mc Grath SS
6.Barry O Driscoll SS
7.Sean LandersS
8.Johnny HollandS
9.Stephen Connor S
10.Anthony Walsh S
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Colm Crawley SS
2.Barry BryneS
3.Justin O ConnellSS
4.Micky Dardis S
5.Michael Lynch SS
6.Gerry Horan S
7.Brendan Furey S
8.Martin Walsh S
9.Dave Whelan SS
10.Ger PowerS
Race 3: Road Race — Ardcath — 7th June 2023
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Charlie HoltS
2.John HollandS
3.Paul Coffey S
4.Toby Sweatman SS
5.Sean Tolan SS
6.Niall Browne SS
7.Sean Landers S
8.Paul Norton S
9.Dave McCaul S
10.Brian O Connor SS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Dave Hickey SS
2.Daniel Ryan SS
3.Phil Lennon S
4.Dan LynottS
5.Mick Dardis S
6.Brendan Furey S
7.Justin O Connell SS
8.Ger Power S
9.Martin Walsh S
10.Stephen Sheridan S
Race 2: Road Race — Coolquay — 31st May 2023

Memorial spin for Gabriele Glodenyte

Race 1: Prologue TT — Garristown — 24th May 2023

League start moved to 31st May ****