Results & Rankings

  • L = Limit
  • SS = Semi Scratch
  • S = Scratch
  • Women’s League
  • A League
  • B League
  • The Eddy Merckx prize is issued to the fastest TT riders on standard road bikes without disc wheels or TT bars
Race 5: Criterium — Fieldstown crit — 25th May 2022
There are currently no results available for this race
Race 4: Time Trial — Fieldstown TT — 18th May 2022
There are currently no results available for this race
Race 3: Road Race — Duleek — 11th May 2022
There are currently no results available for this race
Race 2: Road Race — Coolquay — 4th May 2022
A League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Paul NortonS
2.Sean LandersS
3.Dave McCaulS
4.Neil WilkinsonS
5.Antony WalshS
6.Loughlin CampionS
7.Stano BacaS
8.Tony McNallyS
9.Aureliusz KlusS
10.Paul CoffeyS
B League
Pos. Rider Group
1.Stuart LamontS
2.Billy RiggsSS
3.Gavin Kelly S
4.Conor Lally S
5.Brian Conachy S
6.Tommy BuckleyS
7.Sean TolanSS
8.John Connolly S
9.Matt McGuinnesSS
10.Martin Walsh SS
Race 1: Prologue TT — Garristown — 27th April 2022
Pos. Rider League Group Time
1.John HollandAS14:05.19
2.Tony Mc NallyAS14:11.76
3.Paul CoffeyAS14:19.43
4.Andrew ButterlyASS14:26.07
5.Mick Green.SS14:27.97
6.Neil WilkinsonAS14:30.93
7.Joe Byrne.SS14:31.07
8.Brian O Connor ASS14:32.76
9.Darragh SmeatonASS14:36.61
10.Stan BacaAS14:49.11
11.Stuart LamontBS15:07.18
12.Dane FarrellAL15:14.34
13.Martin Casey..15:18.42
14.Brian McGrathAL15:25.49
15.Brian ConnachyBS15:27.30
16.Gerry HoranBSS15:28.90
17.Brendan FureyASS15:29.89
18.Conor LallyBS15:44.88
19.Anthony Mc Mahon..15:48.97
20.Alan LuddenB.15:50.22
21.Sean TolanB.15:50.65
22.Phil LennonA.16:00.37
23.Paddy CullenBSS16:02.45
24.Martin WalshBSS16:09.85
25.Tommy BuckleyBS16:10.05
26.Ciaran Mc SweeneyAL16:16.47
27.Barry ByrneAL16:30.03
28.John ConnollyBS16:43.20
29.Helen WhiteBSS16:57.63
30.David HickeyBL16:59.24
31.Alan KellyB.17:09.26
32.Micky DardisB.17:14.12
33.Stephen KerrBL17:20.21
34.Stephen SheridanBSS17:25.04
35.Conor McGraneBS17:33.80
36.Roger TegartB.17:35.67
37.Luke DyasBL17:38.72
38.Steven Mc MahonBL18:44.11
39.Ian Butler BL20:34.30