Touring League - who can hack the distance?

MSCC Touring league riders

Congratulations to Donal McMonagle, winner of the 2023 Men’s Touring League and to Evelyn Doyle and Natalie Mason, joint winners of the Women’s League. All were presented with trophies at the AGM last November and Donal was also presented with the inaugural Men’s Perpetual Trophy. The winner of the Women’s Perpetual Trophy was Michelle Conway. Donal and Michelle were also presented with the Club Touring Jerseys for 2023.

The 2024 Touring League will run from 1st March until mid-October and prizes including the Club Touring Jerseys and the Perpetual Trophies will be awarded to the highest placed men and women.

Only paid-up club members are eligible to participate in the League.

Points awarded in the Touring League are based on the official distance of the event with no extras for cycling to the start and back!

Events of 80k or less will get 6 points; 7 for 90k; 8 for 100k; 9 for 110k; 10 for 120k; 11 for 140k; 12 for 160k; 13 for 180k and 14 points for 200k or more.

Double points will be awarded for completing or assisting at the club Two County Challenge.

As before, only 4 audax events per person will be awarded points but these must be organized group events rather than solo “permanent” audaxes.

Multi-day events, both at home and abroad, will get 14 points once the overall total is at least 200k. If less than 200k, the points will be based on the total distance.

I will keep an eye on the MNSCC Strava club each week in order to identify qualifying rides but if I miss you, please email me at with the name, date and event distance together with links to the event website and your Strava record of the ride if possible.

Administering the League will be a lot simpler if members record their qualifying rides on Strava, ensure that they can be seen by “Everyone” in Privacy Controls and that they are members of the McNally Swords CC Strava club.

The points total spreadsheet below will be updated as I am informed of events undertaken but only each person’s most recent event will be identified.

Best of luck everyone.