West Vlanderen 3-Day

Hi Sports Fans,
Today we are in Belgium, a place called Roesslare. yesterday was the first day, a 8km TT which was won by none other than David Millar. 2nd place went to Baden Cooke, then 3rd was Michael Rogers. Best placed Fakta rider was high tower himself, Magnus Backstead in 15th place, Scanlon was in the first 20, Ciaran Power is here also getting back into it after his knee problem. Today I stay in the hotel today, they have all just left . 160kms is the stage today, – great I can finally get my haircut and then back to the truck for some work. The rest of the team are doing Paris-Nice. Julian Winn got a start in it so you can check it out on Eurosport tomorrow. After this we go to Erik Breukink which starts Thursday. I stay in Holland before the race probably building TT bikes if they arrive??????

Good Luck this weekend to all.

Stage 1: Jimmy Casper of Francais de Jeux was the victor today here in Belgium. I wasn’t on the race but I believe 15 riders got away and held a gap to the finish. Fakta were bad today. Magnus was in the overall contention and he tried to get across to the group but there was no help from the team. He was pretty pissed off about it as he was half way down the field when the move went{stay closer to the front I hear you all say}. Normally if you have someone in contention for the overall a move goes a few of the guys lost stacks of time yesterday. They should have used there initiative and drove it at the front, all the dangermen were to the fore. Jan Kirrsipu has the jersey going into tomorrows final stage. Scott Sunderlands bad luck continued yesterday when he lost his bottle going into a corner and nearly came off. He went the wrong way to avoid going into the corner. He is still fragile after his crash in Italy and has lost his confidence. Today he got dropped as he has no speed in his legs and packed.

Final Stage: Greetings, the final day of West Vlanderen was won by Jan Kirrsipu and the overall too. Fakta all did crap, and I mean crap! They all missed the move and 3 of them were in the chasing group which was at 47 seconds for a good 50kms. The race was very fast from the start and with the usual cobble sections, crosswinds ,and every Belgian in the world trying to win on home turf. One of the TV cars was trying to cut off our car in the race, he kept just overtaking and cutting in, so Peter Meinard, our d.sportif , flicked out to the left accelerated in front of him stopped the car, jumped out of the car and ran at the door of the tv car shouting words like “Excuse me old boy would you mind not flicking us like that as you are being frightfully dangerous and being a right pain in the backside now clear off or ill give you a bunch of fives”?????? Belgians man they are really out there!!! Peter is 6 ft 4, a really tame man and that is the first time I have seen him lose it. I was kind of in shock whilst looking on at him tear strips out of this Belgian twatttt. We all went our separate ways at the end of the race, there is no post mortem at the end of the races or lets have a team bitch about the swine who tried to slam me into a parked car while smiling for the Belgian paparazzi! No its more like a scene from Ben Hur .’Right goodbye see you next week what race are you doing next?’ eeeeh o the cars going see ya boom all gone and on their merry ways. I am in the hotel in Eindhoven at present milking the free internet that is in this absolutely gigantic hotel which seems like you can walk in it for hours. The GP Breukink starts here on Friday, finishing on Sunday. I will try to keep a record of each stage. I might be up to my tonsils in it as they have no second mechanic to accompany me. Till Friday Ciao B.